Bumblebee (2018)

Forget those noisy Michael Bay atrocities, new director Travis Knight imbues an 80s-style “magical friend” movie with coherent action and rich characters to tell a story with humour and heart.

Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Boots Riley’s directorial debut is the craziest hate letter to capitalism you’ll ever see. This is a wonderfully bizarre film that dizzies with sheer originality, crafting a surrealist morality tale about race, class, identity politics and corporate greed – wrapped up in a balls-out dystopian sci-fi satire.

Vox Lux (2018)

Vox Lux is the anti A Star Is Born, addressing the pitfalls of celebrity but in radically different ways. Though both are essentially pop tragedies, this eschews huge emotion and old-fashioned romanticism for jagged cynicism and deeply upsetting terror. Brady Corbet’s Faustian film about the…

The Guilty (2018)

Set within a call centre, director Gustav Möller has created a taut thriller disguised as a confined chamber piece, relying on entirely on Jakob Cedergren’s performance.