Cigarettes After Sex – Live in London, November 2017

The sound of Cigarettes After Sex is unmistakably unique with the androgynous and misty voice of Greg Gonzalez. It is utterly romantic with a beautiful ambient quality that compels you to throw your head back and relax. Not unlike like the Man Ray photograph titled “Anatomies” (1929) that was used on “EP I” (2012)

WE had the chance to speak to Greg in June at the launch of their full length LP regarding the use of Man Ray’s photographs at Rough Trade Records, London. He said he was a ‘big fan of his work and that the photographs were a clear visual representation of the mood they portray in their music, perfectly fusing them together.’

His lyrics are simple but extremely sentimental, with poetic and cathartic lyricism, like this one from one of my favorite tracks “I’m a Firefighter”

“Baby, I’m a firefighter trapped in a burning house in a silent picture / And there is no way out except to watch the love between us die”

Cigarettes After Sex: Cigarettes After Sex was released on 9th June 2017 on Partisan Records.

We wish we could tell you the tickets for their November 20th gig in London is available – but we’re afraid not. Evidence herein.

Resale tickets are available at Viagogo and Ticketmaster.

Featured image credit: Ebru Yildiz

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