Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Boots Riley’s directorial debut is the craziest hate letter to capitalism you’ll ever see.

This is a wonderfully bizarre film that dizzies with sheer originality, crafting a surrealist morality tale about race, class, identity politics and corporate greed – wrapped up in a balls-out dystopian sci-fi satire.

Hilarious and outrageous, this is a fearless film that juggles many tones, leaving your jaw on the floor with it’s many absurdist turns. Pure genius.


Down-on-his-luck Cassius ‘Cash’ Green lands a job at a sleazy telemarketing company. When a colleague teaches him the trick of putting on a ‘white’ voice while phoning clients, Cash is suddenly flush with success, and propelled into the firm’s upper echelon of ‘power callers’. As Cash crosses picket lines into this macabre new universe, he finds himself increasingly at odds with his artist-activist girlfriend and his union-leader buddy.

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